How It Works

We print and distribute your Business Card Ad to over 10,000 potential new customers in your local areas, so basically you don’t have to, its that simple.!

We are circulating these directories all around Nassau,Suffolk and Queens county.

A total of 10,000 booklet directories are circulated every six months in each area that’s enough to get your phone ringing constantly…​

We save you the cost of printing 10,000 Business cards, we position your card in an organised & concise business card ‘wallet’ directory, plus we save you the cost of all the distribution to deliver 10,000 of your business cards. These booklets are delivered directly into your next potential customer’s mailbox and ready for use whenever they need YOU.

We have suggested they keep the directories near their telephones ready to use as and when they need you, remember no one will throw away 100’s of business cards all in one book, we do it for you, so basically you don’t have to its that simple!

Call today and reserve a space for your business to be featured in this directory now before your competitors do.

Don’t wait..!  there is still a chance to reserve your space!

Book your space NOW Reservation is closing soon, Hurry! 

A small deposit will be required at point of sale to secure your Business Card Slot. The Balance will be payable 4 weeks prior to Print & Distribution dates. Any additional charges such as Artwork and Design costs will be added to the final balance prior to print.